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Llew says potatoes

August 26, 2008

A little while ago, over at Sunnyo, Llew blogged about how to grow potatoes in a bucket.

This struck me as extremely frugal. I already have old buckets lying around. I have compost for free, from our compost heap. And I always do seem to end up with a sprouting potato or two by the time we get to the bottom of the bag.

I can report that this really does work. My first bucket went in three months ago. The plants were looking really good, but the recent storms bashed them to shreds and they died. So last weekend I went to tip the bucket out, meaning to have another go. Nestled in the compost were two good handfuls of new potatoes. I ate them the same night, and they were DELICIOUS. I have no doubt that had the plants survived, I would have had the promised bucketful, and once it’s warmer, they would come away a lot quicker.

Genuine new potatoes, even in season, are quite pricey, so I think this qualifies for frugality blogging.

Of course, the really keen do-it-yourself-er has their own cow.