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Goldfish – Working to feed your garden

October 11, 2008

The picture to the right here is of my goldfish, puku, multitasking. He’s a great pet actually, low-maintenance, cheap to feed, and has this really useful by-product. Poo.

As you can see in the snap, his water is due for a change. Goldfish are one of the dirtiest of the aquatic pets. They generate a lot of poo, which is in turn eaten by algae, and their bowls fill with this great nitrogen water. To be exact it’s a type of ammonia, which is bad for the fish, but in small doses it’s great for your garden.

The gist is that puku here is basically manufacturing fertiliser for me, while also providing a calming influence.

If you’re going to use this on your plants then make sure you water it down. The 20lt this bowl holds is too much for a few pot-plants, but fine for a reasonable-sized garden. Pity the little blighter will never grow big-enough to eat with chips…