Mammoth insecurity

January 12, 2011

Apart from being cheap, we here at Frugal Me are sound feminists,so we’d like to draw your attention to Maia at The Hand Mirror having a crack at “Mammoth Supply Company[1]” Yoghurt.

So how do you sell the idea that the official food of woman in apricot and manuka honey flavour is manly? Silly question – all you need is to emphasise misogyny, homophobia and the extreme danger of girl germs.

I have nothing in particular to say about her take on this other than “hear hear.” (A while ago though, I did think about this on the other channel — is there something about Fonterra and the elusive insecure male? Is it just that milk is irretrievably coded as feminine? I think we could have a psychoanalytic field day here.) However, I would like to relate a curious incident today at the New World Metro on Willis Street, where I often buy lunch ingredients when I’m caught short.

I like Greek yoghurt in my lunch, and I haven’t been very good about making it at home in recent weeks, and so I was perusing the dairy fridge. In principle I applaud this supermarket for displaying unit prices along with the actual price — their labels tell you the price per gram, or millilitre or whatever. I looked at the unit prices for yoghurt and I was struck by how very cheap Mammoth yoghurt seemed. “Why, it’s almost an order of magnitude cheaper” I thought to myself.

Well no. Very close inspection showed that every other yoghurt was showing the price per kilogram, but the Mammoth labels were showing the price per 100 grams. Odd. Once I figured this out, I realised that at $14/kg, it was not only no bargain but about 50% more expensive than comparable yoghurts that weren’t investing $$$ assuring me that they wouldn’t turn me into a girl. Perhaps the target market is not only insecure about their masculinity, but also bad at maths.

I think that could be a rule of thumb. If a product’s notional appeal is based on the consumer having but fragile confidence in their sexuality, it’s probably over-priced, or low quality (think Tui beer), or both.

[1] FFS, how stupid do you think we are, Fonterra? I happen to know that mammoths are extinct, and even if they weren’t, they would be quite difficult to milk.


  1. Besides, Mammoth yoghurt has pretty high sugar content. It tastes pretty sickly and sweet. It’s manly to eat sugar and little else?

  2. Can confirm that Mammoth Mocha Iced Coffee drink is also sickly sweet and deeply underwhelming. Fortunately I didn’t pay for the dubious privilege

  3. I saw it at Push n Shove, and thought “mm, nice packaging, looks delicious”, then remembered that it is for men, so moved on to something ladies like, like pantihose and knitting.

  4. yes i had a free trial of that extinct nanimal products and have to say the ice coffee was a bit meh and since i;m a girl who like starfuck with mint, i think we can all confirm i am no coffee connoisseur, but i know meh when i meet it

  5. As much as I dislike the marketing, I liked the yoghurt a lot (apricot, apple blueberry)- we took some camping recently. I was horrified though that each (large, allegedly single serving) pottle contains 23% of your rec daily caloric intake. That’s a lot of percents for something being marketed as a snack, unless of course manly mens need extra calories to grow big and strong so they can overpower their weakling crying muscles.

  6. […] in ur gender, spendin ur money: https://frugalme.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/mammoth-insecurity/ (h/t @saniac) […]

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