August 28, 2009

Yesterday I picked up my shoes from the cobbler.

The shoes in question were Hush Puppies with lovely bouncy rubber soles, but the lovely bouncy soles had worn down over the years to the point where they let the water in. The uppers on the other hand have been lovingly polished so that in many ways they look better than when they were new.

I took them to the chap on Victoria St just down from the Post Office and Manners Mall. He charged me $85 and did what appears to be a pretty decent job. I now have new hard rubber soles which appear to be attached neatly and soundly. My feeling is that these shoes have way more life left in them than a new $85 pair, so: win.

I also learned that it would cost $45 to get protective rubber soles put on leather-soled shoes.

I’m happy, but shoe repair is not something I do that often, so I don’t know whether these rates are reasonable or not. Thoughts?

Bonus fun fact! Cobblers, as an expression meaning testicles or nonsense, is Cockney rhyming slang. “Cobblers’ awls” me old chinas.



  1. There is a real cobbler here in Mosgiel (he is old and has an apprenticeship certificate on the wall). Obviously it is cheaper because of location, but he charged $25 for new soles and repaired worn down heels of my partners dress shoes.

    $85 seems steep – but maybe not for Wellington

  2. I paid 85 years ago in Dixon street, it might be the Wellington rate.

  3. To be fair, there wouldn’t have been a lot of original sole left to work with once the crap was ground off.

  4. I paid the same price for new leather soles recently.

  5. I’ve used the shoe repair person on Lampton Quay to get my awesome leather boots resoled and it cost me $95. Still worth every cent and much less than buying a new pair.

  6. Seems pretty expensive to me. I get all my shoes and boots resoled fairly regularly (hard on the heels for some reason) and in ChCh it seems to be around the $45 mark.
    Still if it means you don’t have to buy new shoes, and most of mine are past their third year, then it’s all good!

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