Quick link — taxi fare comparison

August 13, 2009

NZ Taxi Blog shows fare comparisons between Wellington taxi firms. The top three rankings agree with my perceptions as reported last year: Capital, Green and Combined are the cheapest cabs still.

I haven’t been following NZ Taxi Blog, but there’s a lot of interesting if recherche stuff on there for the dedicated urbanist.

(hat tip to Stephen Clover of the Wellingtonista for this one)



  1. Interesting – taxi fares seem very high in NZ. In Israel, petrol is 30% more expensive than NZ at the moment, yet the green cabs short and medium fares are approx twice what they would cost in israel…

  2. Well I’d hate to think what the other companies are compared to israel given that some of them are up to 30% more expensive than greencabs. Green Cabs is probably the cheapest

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