July 9, 2009

op shop score

Since I’m on holiday with the offspring at the moment, Hannah and I spent a couple of hours pootling around op-shops today.

We both scored well — she got a very nice old cashmere jacket, and I got a warm wool blazer and some very classy trousers. Total cost $30.

Seems to me that if you can find clothes you like at all, the economics very strongly favour op-shops. New, stylish clothes of the cheaper sort rarely last more than a year or two before they wear out or look obviously old. Paying a much smaller price for things that will wear just as long seems smart.



  1. YES!! I scored a lovely 100% merino jersey today for $2. These are great as layering is the only way to go in the deep south. Also op shopping gets cheaper as you travel south 🙂

    You can also get a lot of “made in NZ” stuff because its that touch older – and has lasted

  2. Op shops are awesome for jackets and coats. The ancient ones are of amazing quality.

    I’m also building up a collection of handmade/homemade dresses which are both gorgeous and unique.

  3. This is why I love living in Miramar, 4 opshops in a few blocks, great pickings given our “Mirawood” and Seatoun neighbours.
    There’s a brilliant opshop at St Aidan’s Anglican churh, which very few people in Wellington seem to know about, it’s on Miramar Ave. Open slightly odd hours, closed Wednesdays, if I recall correctly.

    • Yep, Miramar St Vincent De Paul FTW.

  4. Save Mart in Porirua is good for op shop clothes. I’ve seen some serious labels in there (say, Working Style jackets for $30). Bit of a trip to get out there; they also have one in Levin if you fancy getting seriously afield.

    I don’t particulary op shop, but I do dress scruffily. Does that count?

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