Wait three months

June 9, 2009

So I was making coffee at work this morning and colleague Mark started telling me about his experience at a Telecom Mobile store. He’d scoped out a high-end Nokia for their new network and found reviews with prices online. But Telecom want to charge 50% more than the same phone sells for in the US.

I think this is another kind of segmentation in action: specifically, identifying the overly-keen as people who will pay more for something new NOW.

In my experience, gadgets are almost always markedly cheaper three months out. Perhaps this is because of competition from something even newer, but I think it’s how sellers capture a premium from the keen before going on to get a smaller, more normal profit from the rest of us.

I got suckered like this a couple of years ago when the Asus eee laptops came out. I bought one as a present for $800, and three months later, they were around $600.

Hence my mantra for gadgets: wait three months. (If you decide you don’t need it at all in three months, bonus).



  1. Indeed yes. On both counts i.e. wait three months because tech will be cheaper then, and wait three months because by then you might not want it after all.

  2. in the usa they call it the ‘early adopter tax’ apple are kings of this one

  3. Waiting an appropriate time for a purchase is usually a good idea.

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