Keeping out the cold — with newspaper

June 1, 2009

We rent, and unfortunately the house is pretty cold and draughty. Draughts are a frugality nightmare, because all the lovely air you just heated disappears as fast as it gets warm. We dealt with the draughts under the doors last winter by splashing out on some adhesive draught strips.

Today I noticed there is a strong draught around the door frame of the front door. No more. I taped up a couple of cylinders of newspaper, and stuck them inside the frame. They’re not visible when the door shut so their amateur appearance doesn’t bother me a bit. Draught gone. Total expenditure: infinitesimal.



  1. Great idea and I’ve been meaning to “get around to” making some material draft stoppers.

    Thats said, I spent the weekend in an old house on the southern most part of the Sth Island that had a heat pump. AWESOME. I have no idea how efficient they are in an area that is often below 0 (like where I live) but I WANT ONE

  2. trick with heat pumps? don’t skim on them. make sure you buy one *more than* big enough to heat your living spaces.

    if you don’t they’ll overwork, ice up, and seize.

    then you’re sunk.

  3. Why would you, as a landlord renting out your property, bother insulating the place? It’s dead money as far as you’re concerned (well, there’s a slight increase in the capital value of the house, but you won’t see it until you sell). Yes, it means that your tenants pay more for heating – but why would that particularly matter to you? About the only reason for it might be to attract better tenants or to enable you to charge more (“For $20 more per week, I can arrange for you to actually be warm in winter.”).

    Seriously, I’ve met a number of landlords who think like this.

    • The more things change etc. My mum told me at the weekend that her mother used to tape newspapers on the inside of the windows in the height of summer to keep the sun out and in winter to keep the heat in (this was in Melbourne)..

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