A winter resolution, update 2

May 23, 2009

I bought the panniers. Total cost including delivery, $207. Which is what people want for the same model second hand here. So I’m following my expensive item guideline — buy things that can be resold for what you paid.

So, total outlay (raincoat + panniers) so far is less than $250. $250 is the cost of a month’s bus and taxi fares, so payback time is by July, as long as I don’t pike…



  1. I spend $100 per month on a bus pass. Were you really spending $150 per month on taxis?

  2. Normally I would cab home two or three times — call it $35 per week (cost about $14 x 2.5). I’d make 7 or 8 two stage bus trips — call it $22 pw with Snapper discount. Today is the 23rd, and 1 July is 5 and and a half weeks away. 5 x (40 + 22) = $310. Monthly taxi expenditure is nearing $150, yes.

    Recap: I’m in town Monday, Thursday and Friday after 8 or so to attend classes which I’m not willing to give up. At that time the buses heading my way diminish in frequency markedly, and deposit me at the bottom of Hapua St with an onerous walk to the top of Mt Victoria. The taxi temptation is quite strong.

  3. good luck with the cycling in this current wind!! the boys’ pram turned into a sail yesterday and he almost became a mainlander.

  4. I may give myself a pass when the Met Office officially rates the wind as “gale force.”

  5. Woofter. Gale force tailwinds are the best thing ever. Gale force headwinds aren’t that bad, either; it’s just really, really hard to cycle. It’s the crosswinds that are a bit dangerous.

  6. Heh. On the slopes of Mt Victoria, every wind is a cross wind.

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