A winter resolution, update 1

May 20, 2009

I resolved to equip myself better and bike more.

In the subsequent week and a half, I’ve ridden my bike to work more often than not, saving approximately $40 over usual expenditure.

Today I laid out $30 on a cheap raincoat from Torpedo7.

I’m eyeing panniers from one of the impossibly cheap UK online retailers that Jack suggested. It looks as though I can get the top of the line waterproof Ortlieb ones for less than two thirds of the local price, if they come back in stock. Once thoroughly kitted out, I’ll be setting myself the goal of four commutes out of five and a market trip on Sundays.



  1. Go you!

    My partner bikes to work everyday – a rural 5km one way trip. Yesterday it snowed and he still biked. He has just bought new winter biking gear including tights, a t-shirt and jacket made up of some heavy stretch material and has a MAcpac jacket and 2 layer gloves. The point being he said even in the snow he was warm.

    Rather you guys on bikes than me. šŸ™‚

  2. They bike regularly in many places where it sleets well below zero.

    The key is having clothing that will keep you warm and dry, as art has said.

    People baulk at spending on improving and accessorising bikes, but it’s well worth it. If you’ve got a good bike shop you could consult with them about what other changes would make your commute more comfortable.

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