A cheap Saturday night

May 18, 2009

We went to a so-called “soiree” at a friend’s house on Saturday night. There were more than a dozen adults and a few children. The idea was that everyone would perform a small item, whether music, recitation, or what-have-you.

It turned out that we had some accomplished singers and musicians, and some whose enthusiasm compensated for their technical deficiency.

I am ashamed to say I was surprised how enjoyable this low-tech and humane gathering was. It was, in fact, entertaining.

But best of all as far as this blog is concerned, it was FREE.



  1. Stephen, I’m intrigued: what did you perform?

  2. Um. A little bluegrass mandolin (Arkansas Traveller as done by Dave Grisman), some fiddle, and leading a rousing chorus of “Haul Away Joe.” And some Balkan noodly thing whose name I can’t remember 😀

  3. […] I run out at about that stage, not because I don’t know the rest, but because that’s when I catch up with myself doing it. I know the whole thing off by heart; it’s one of just two poems that I still know in their entirety from my school years when I took speech and drama lessons. I’m sure it would be just the thing for sophisticated soirees. […]

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