Briscoes Sale! Get on down there!

May 9, 2009

As part of the weekend entertainment of the wee tacker I popped out for a walk, and we happened past Briscoes.

They have a Mothers Day sales on that has a few useful things for sale. Some items are pretty much marked down to prices you would find at the Warehouse…

But! Much of the cookware and bakeware is up to 50% off! That you certainly can’t sniff at.



  1. Wow! Briscoes is having a sale!

  2. Yeah, they do seem to have them a lot, but I think you’re meant to marvel at the 50% off part. Their cooking stuff is usually pretty cheap anyway, so that does seem somewhat worthwhile.

  3. i was actually *amazed* to be getting a large baking tray for a very respectable $10…

    the rest of the store was the usual bullshit.

  4. Makes you realise what their regular markups must be… Somewhere over 100% obviously.

  5. you are right about the mark ups. Think of the thousands we spend every year for other peoples profits. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have told my kids to wait for discounts. Will they ever learn.

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