More reasons to luuuurve Moore Wilsons.

April 23, 2009

I found a 3kg tin of roasted capsicums for $12, and a whopping 700g tin of anchovies for $15!

Now, 80g tins of anchovies normally sell for about $5, so that’s too much of a deal to go past. Mind you, if you hardly eat anchovies then… don’t bother. But me I think they should be in almost everything.

The peppers are good in pasta dishes during the winter when peppers are both out of season and very expensive.



  1. I think [anchovies] should be in almost everything.

    Chocolate cake?

  2. possibly. maybe you could dip anchovies in chocolate icing and lay them on the top.

    works for coffee

  3. And there goes another ingredient for pizza (the other being yeast at 2.75 per 1 kilo block) that tumbles down in price thanks to this fine establishment. Thanks for the tip!

  4. what else do you need for the pizza? might be able to hunt them out for you!

  5. Total jealousy right now! I’ll pass on the tip to a couple of deserving recipients.

  6. what else do you need for the pizza? might be able to hunt them out for you!

    Lessee… high grade flour (I go for the 5kg bags at Pak ‘N Save), mozzarella (valumetric 500g bags), crushed peel tomatoes (Budget are the best), extra virgin olive oil, oregano. All Pak ‘N Save products. For the various toppings ham, mushrooms, courgettes, aubergines, ricotta and spinach, shrimps and curry powder… they all depend on the season and are variously sourced.

  7. I wish I could locate the equivalent of Moore Wilsons down here. I want to make Chilli, garlic and herb oils and need cheap bulk olive oil

  8. Oh and can anyone define the difference between frugal and cheap?

  9. i’ve always though cheap meant crappy. frugal is paying less for more, or for a better product.

    at least, that’s me.

  10. Interesting. My partner says I am cheap (after buying a perfect leather handbag at the dump recycling store for 50c) I say thats frugal

  11. hell no. that’s frugal.

    if you bought a shitty faux-leather hand-bag from the $2 shop and pretended it was gucci? that’s cheap.

  12. I think that’s worthy of a post in its own right. I shall compose one, and if Che beats me to it, we can disagree and you can pick.

    But in a nutshell, I think we’ve always been arguing that frugality is about making wises choices such that you get maximum bang for your buck, not in being miserly. Often the frugal choice and the miserly choice are the same, but not always. Misers just want to accumulate; frugal people don’t want to waste money on things that aren’t important when they could spend it on things that are.

  13. i don’t need to argue with that point, although the post would be great.

    for instance, i took an expensive trip to the cook islands using savings from not having a car for a year.

    the latter proved to only be a very minor hassle, while the former was worth every cent.

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