Great deal from local retailer

April 20, 2009

If you’re in Wellington and trying to clothe some wee tackers, then Second Chef has discovered the deal for you.

Gubbs Shoes on Manners Street is very kindly handing on a deal to us, the consumer. Apparently these wee Ugg boots usually retail at around $60. But, Bobux was shafted by an overseas buyer so is stuck with thousands of units they’re trying to sell.

And Gubbs is offering them at $25 per pair, or $40 for two!!

A great deal on decent shoes for your small person.



  1. OMG is there anyone in Welly that can send me some?

  2. in exchange for $, of course (sorry pressed send in my Bobux eagerness…)

  3. Mellopuffy – I am sure gubbs would send you some if you phoned with credit card etc. I am almost sad we are past the bobux stage (no I’m not)

  4. That’s about $23 a pair more than I’d spend on shoes for a non-walking person.

  5. @giovanni i thought the same thing. until i released that they’re effectively wind-breakers. those southerlies just blow directly through the warm socks we bought him

  6. i’ve checked the Bobux website and they normally retail at $36 (The i-Walk are $60) – still a good discount esp if buying two pair – are these the only style Che?

  7. yup. apparently there are too many baby ugg boots.

    i’ve now seen everything.

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