Another installment of “An X can be used to make a handy Y”

April 8, 2009

Made pizza this evening. We have a pizza stone, but you need a peel to get the pizza on easily.

I don’t own a peel, and they cost quite a bit. I’ve been using breadboards etc but they’re somewhat unsatisfactory, because they’re too thick.

Suddenly I realised that peels need to be stiff, thin, food-safe, able to touch a 250C stone without melting, and matte finish, and that therefore a large piece of corrugated cardboard would make an excellent pizza peel. And it did.


  1. Hmm, I just assemble the pizza on the hot stone. It adds a certain frisson of danger and adventure to the whole process…

  2. On the other hand, a professional pizza peel has lots of other uses. It can steer you if you’re lost at sea on a raft, and adds distinction (and tremendous reach) on the tennis court. Plus: ideal for swatting flies that happen to be on fire and fanning wild animals from a safe distance.

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