Dark mutterings about chocolate

March 28, 2009

I buy a kingsize block of 70% cocoa chocolate regularly. I have noticed that Pak’n’Save regularly swaps about which chocolate line is on special — some weeks all Whittakers blocks are $2.98, some weeks all Cadbury’s are $2.98.

Today I noticed that the Cadbury’s 70% Old Gold bars, and all their other “premium” high cocoa bars, are only 220g, not 250g like their less chocolatey brethren. Whereas all the Whittakers bars, irrespective of cocoa content, are 250g. So even at $3.15, the current Whittakers price, Whittakers Dark Ghana is a better buy (per gram) than Cadbury Old Gold.

Moral: always check the unit cost. And to check the unit cost, assess the unit you’re measuring — in this case, weight of chocolate bar. Not all “king size” blocks are equal.



  1. Ah, but when Old Gold is $2 a block, its worth stocking up – even if its “medium”.

  2. Old Gold Medium was 4 for $5 at pak n’ Save tonight.

    What’s the human LD50 for chocolate again?

  3. Man, you never see it that cheap in Wellington.

    What is it about Palmerston North that makes it deserve the cheap chocolate?

    As to the LD50, I was just googling around to work this out, but it turns out someone else has already done it.

    About 10kg seems to be the answer. I think your stomach might burst before you could actually eat that much though.

  4. Since I’ve been in the SOuth I have never seen chocolate for less that $3.30 for a large block. Not fair

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