The expensive plums

February 24, 2009

Mum always used to scrutinise the docket after every grocery trip, but it’s not a thing I do diligently.

Good thing I did this weekend though. I bought plums at the supermarket (sorry Che, I was never going to get to the market on Sunday morning after Cuba St Carnival) and I thought gosh, that total’s a bit high. Then I spotted the half dozen plums at $27…

I’ll be checking the docket every time from now on.



  1. what? how many plums did you buy?!

    they’re around $3.99 at the market. those delicious omega ones.

    although i stupidly bought some watery black doris…

  2. Even better are the ones free from the neighbours garden or from over the back fence (still ours I think, or at least we saved them from rotting in neglect!).

  3. There was a problem with the scales – only half a dozen plums.

  4. i love me some black doris
    especially when you bottle them and have them for dessert later in the year with a bit of cream

    do either of you two get into bottling?

  5. i should do. the cheap stone-fruit will be on sale really really soon…

    but the thought of boiling all those jars. let alone purchasing them.

  6. After quite a bit fo research I have found you can pick up jars (even the agee preserving ones) fairly readily and cheaply from op shops, recycling places etc.

    However as a busy person I’ve found chucking excess stone fruit in the freezer works quite well too

  7. You don’t need to boil the jars if you use the overflow method. See Edmonds cookbook for method. Best thing I learned was to not overwhelm myself by trying to preserve the quantities that my mother used to do. Start with smaller batches until you get the hang of it!

    If you do a lot of preserving, one of the big preserving vats (in which to boil the jars) could be handy though – you can get them on trademe. Get jars from trademe too or the freecycle list.

    And yes, nothing beats home-preserved black doris plums in the middle of winter with some good icecream. Makes the effort all worthwhile.

  8. When I lived in Central Otago a neighbour and I used to get together with her Agee preserver (the vat Judi refers to) and do nig batches – it was way more fun with a couple of people (and a few wines). Mind you we had endless fruit to deal to.

  9. Ooops – big batches!!!

    Oh and frugal struff I have been thinking about or workign on this week have been recycling/upcycling and frugal recipes.e.g. I made a huge pot of ham and lentil soup for about $5-$6 yesterday.

    Was also thinking about why on earth we buy new when financially and environmentally buying (or freecycling) used stuff makes so much more sense. eg my cheap “made in XXX” ironing board fell apart in the weekend and I got an older strong well-made replacement in perfect condition from the Sally Army store for $4

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