February 22, 2009

I think the last post like this I did was during the winter.

But guess how much this bowl of fruit and veges cost me, and all from the Waitangi Park markets?

It’s broccoli, a couple of spuds, corn, capsicums, plums, apricots, nectarines, peaches, and a cucmber. I had to leave out the 2kg of Roma tomatoes I found for $2kg (that are currently in the oven being semi-dried).

A modest amount of fruit. I also had to leave a bunch of the stone-fruit out because the bowl was over-flowing.



  1. About $10 not including the tomatoes?

    I amd still trying to find a good source here. I miss the Paraparaumu Saturday market. have founde – a local market garden which is really good quality and only sells what they grow but not cheap.

    I cannot get over how expensive meat is here either considering I am in a rural area

  2. nah… $20. it’s a pretty good deal really.

    am looking forward to apple season though. must only be weeks away. then it’s mandarins!!

  3. We are gettign the early local apples here – the ones that go soft really quickly and Galas from the North Island (Abt $4 a kg in supermarket).

    Oh yes MANDARINS!!! (my fav)

  4. is that the red delicious? stupid american apples… they go super floury as well.

    gala rock, especially dripping with toffee. 🙂

  5. yeah, finally got myself organised enough last week to do the weekly vege shop at the market, and probably saved $20 on my usual bill.

    and we got our first bag of Galas (admittedly, from the supermarket yesterday), but they are incredibly nice.

  6. I think they call them Pacific Rose. When I worked on orchards the first were the Albany Beauty’s and Oratias. I HATE Red Delicious and refuse to buy imported apples. If I was good I wouldn’t buy imported fruit at all but I like pineapples and bananas too much.

    I will not buy out of season imports though eg stonefruit and Aussies tomatoes and they don’t taste of anythign anyway

  7. @noizy. sure does add up over the course of the year.

    we also buy our meats and fish there. tarakihi is really cheap this time of year.

  8. urm new to this blog but for those slightly north of the big smoke the Riverbank carpark market in LHutt is a mini Waitangi market – and it’s on Saturday am – leaves the rest of the weekend free chur chur

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