Do yourself a Favour

February 10, 2009

And do not buy your fruit and vegetables at the supermarket (if you can help it).

I just got back from New World and was shocked to see that, other than being a minimum of $3 per kilo more expensive than our weekend markets, the stone fruit on offer wasn’t RIPE!!

It also tends to be much larger than market-fruit, meaning it is more watery, and less flavoursome.

Now, when stone fruit is the absolute best season, and cannot be substituted, the last thing you want to be eating is gigantic sour apricots at $7.99 per kilo… Let alone crunchy peaches.

Seriously, W.T.F?



  1. I really like crunchy peaches. And unripe fruit in general. But I’m not a fan of the weird cold store effects you get happening in supermarket fruit.

  2. I worked on pip and stone fruit orchards for several years and am very fussy about fruit. i do like crunchy nectarines though.

    What I want to know is why I am getting fruit from the Nelson area when I live really close to Central Otago. Ok I know its price and availability but sheesh

  3. well, if your gig is crunch, and not flavour, then knock yourself out.

    my personal take is, “ripped off” 😉

  4. Best thing ever is a tree ripened peach still warm from the sun.

    You’ve egged me on to go to Central very soon to get LOTS of apricots though

  5. do. we think it might have been the golden nectarines that gave wee ben his hair colour.

    2nd chef ate **2kg** around the time he was conceived.

  6. We have a peach tree in our garden that nobody ever picks the fruit off (the tree is ignored by all 4 flats in the building). Earlier this year the wind got them before they fully ripened but there’s another lot growing so findgers crossed they’ll be ok.

  7. I was at the supermarket last night and they were tossing out the over-ripe apricots. I asked for them and now I have a ready supply of free jam fruit. Might be worth asking at your local supermarket…

  8. Slightly off-topic, but I discovered today that you can register at the New World website to get an email of weekly specials for Wellington New World stores sent to you. If you aren’t getting junk mail in the letterbox, it’s probably a good way to get the info so you know when there’s a good deal on cheese on…

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