Frugal Face Furniture

February 3, 2009

One place we men have it over women is the price of our consumables. Most products the ordinary man needs are usually far cheaper than a comparable item for women. Razors are an example.

But just because we have it a little easier, it doesn’t mean we can’t pash the antelope a little further.

My own preference consists of the simple item you see to the right.

My first shaving brush was purchased some 15 years ago, and since that time I’ve had to buy one more, as depicted. It was bought somewhere for about $5 if I remember right.

Personally I’ve never ben one for straight-edge razors, so I can’t cut back on costs there (boom boom), but I realised long ago that buying shaving foam was a conspicuous waste of money. In fact, I’m not actually sure how much it costs these days…

Whatever it costs, I haven’t have to buy a single can in the last 15 years. Instead I’ve used good old, manly, soap.

At first I used ordinary bathroom soap, but it was… “a little rough” on the skin. So instead I went to the chemist and bought a slightly flash bar of soap for maybe $10? Who knows! It was 15 years ago and it lasted for about 3 before it gave up the ghost.

Since that time those handy liquid soaps have hit the market, and they’re pretty easy on the skin. A tiny squirt when lathering is usually enough to get a decent covering going, and then tada! Clean-shaved and happy. Who knows how long this lasts, but it’s sure as heck easier than constantly buying cream.

Even better, I haven’t consigned a thousand tin-cans to the tip.

And that’s frugal and green.



  1. Dude. Beard.

  2. Snap! I use a shaving brush and soap too. But, I haven’t shaved in over a week…

  3. beards require trimming, which is a bridge too far on the vanity front for me

  4. Anyone who has used straight edge razors?

    Thanks for the tip on the brush. I’ve taken to using soap often, this might tip me towards it being the default.

  5. *shrug* Yeah, but I only need to trim my beard every other month. Then I just set the clippers to 6, do all my face, set them down to 4 for everything other than the goatee area, and clip the mo manually. Takes 5 minutes every other month. And it’s environmentally friendly, ‘cos birds can use the discarded hair for nesting material. Always do it outside, makes less of a mess.

  6. A bit late, but I realised that my time-saver might be of use to others… I shave with two razors at once. I picked up the second when I was in an awful hurry last year, and have been using two since.

    It means twice the amount of shave in the same amount of time, so I get a smoother shave with less effort. And after a few goes it isn’t any harder than using just one.

  7. I’m sorry George, I simply can’t condone this shameful practice. Your suggestion is symptomatic of the modern world’s disordered priorities. Shaving is a period of enforced contemplation in a man’s day. If anything this meditative time should be extended, not minimised. Great ideas come in the shower, on the bog, and in front of the shaving mirror – let us not reduce their opportunity.

  8. Just occurred to me that if a man really didn’t want facial hair they could go down the laser removal track. I am not sure how cost effective that woudl be over a life time though

  9. @art. SHAME!!

    if we permanently remove the hair, how will we look rugged on camping holidays?

  10. Oh I see – I knew there had to be a purpose

  11. I get most of my thinking done when swimming. Less time shaving means more time swimming.

    Same goes for the bog, which really shouldn’t take more than a few seconds if you squat properly (much better for the body, how we did it for millions of years until the throne was invented.)

  12. it also gives one something to scratch while philosophising on the throne.

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