Stockpiling chocolate

January 21, 2009

Kilbirnie Pak’n’Sav has all kingsize Whittaker’s bars at $2.98 each. Expiry seems to be at least September 2009, so no worries there. I’m particularly fond of the Dark Ghana myself.

I think I should be buying up large, don’t you? I’ll have to adopt rationing of course to ensure I don’t eat more than usual just because it’s there. It takes me a couple of weeks to get through a king sized bar, so logically, I could easily stack a couple of dozen bars in the cupboard. After all, it’s good for me. It’d be an investment in my health.

Wouldn’t it?



  1. they are that at woolworths on a reasonably regular basis about every second month or so.

  2. $2.98 is expensive; my buy-point is usually around $2.50. but then, I have a footlocker full of the stuff.

  3. Yeah, I see P&S do this pretty regularly. TBH I don’t buy chocolate unless it’s discounted to about this level.

  4. It might we worth investigating making your own chocolate. There are a few how-to’s out there, this one seems as good as any. Perhaps you could used Stephen’s hacked coffee roaster?

    You’ll have to find the beans though. I know that Woolworths and Foodtown sell them on their websites (and thus possibly in local stores), and this person appears to, but I’m not sure who else – perhaps a talk to some of the local coffee importers? Unfortunately, importing beans requires a license or inspection, so buying them from overseas yourself might be difficult.

    Worth a thought though, if it’s not too difficult or expensive.

  5. You can get cacao nibs at the Nut Shop in upper Cuba St. Yum yum!

  6. I’ve just done the maths (which should have been obvious) and you’d need to get your beans at less than $12/kg in order to save on P&S Ghana Dark. It might be possible, it might not. I can buy them at AUD$10/kg (plus delivery) in Sydney.

    The ICCO has cocoa beans at ~USD$2600 per ton. Anyone care to share a ton of cocoa?

    This, surely, is a gap in Wellington’s food environment that needs to be filled!

  7. I saw roasted beans at Woolworths (Aparaparaumu) a while back. I bought some off the ‘net for $4 for 500gm last year too. I did not successfully make chocolate but ground up with some condensed milk they were yummy.

    Currently I am struggling with higher South Island small town grocery prices (even with a New World and a Countdown). Pak’n’save in Dunedin is a little cheaper (but not as cheap as Kapiti) but the petrol/drive negates any savings unless we are going into town for something else.

  8. The ICCO has cocoa beans at ~USD$2600 per ton. Anyone care to share a ton of cocoa?

    This sentence alone was worth coming up with the whole idea of the Internet for.

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