Save money up-front by reading your power meter yourself

January 13, 2009

We have become quite frugal users of electricity, so we often get estimated power bills where the estimated usage is far more than our current reading.

I was excited to discover the other day that our power company has an online form. You can submit your own reading, and they will send you a new correct bill.

In our case, the estimate had got so out of whack that a correct reading turned our bill into a credit! That certainly made a difference to the month’s expenditure‚Ķ

Even if your power company doesn’t have this particular facility, a phone call may do the trick just as well.



  1. Great piece of advice for keeping your monthly outgoings low. Utility companies will more often than not have a higher estimated meter reading, than the actual. I am off to read my meter now!

  2. another way to be frugal
    is to work out your power bill for the last 12 months
    average it out and pay that a month, you pay more over summer, but you build up a credit so you don’t spend all your money on power in winter.

  3. There’s something I need to sometime figure out about over estimated bills. What happens to the ten percent discount for timely payment of estimated if a large part of them end up as credits toward the actual reading bill?

    And thru lack of concentration; not having the energy to find the appropriate place to get something off my chest, I’ll say it here and hope it get rerouted.

    Pickled mangrove pods, are an excellent budget delicacy. They can be thrown in with the onions.

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