Branding and high street rents account for 75% of the price

January 5, 2009

knock offs

I like sneakers for my various exercise activities: both lifting and capoeira are best served by a thin flexible sole and a low heel.  (Actually my dad will go on at length about how when he and his mates trained with Arthur Lydiard, they pounded the streets of Auckland in sandshoes, so maybe I should use them for running too).

Anyway, back in the old days you could go to Para Rubber or maybe Hannah’s and pick up some sneakers for very little money. You can’t get Bata Bullets any more, but I totally resent how their still-available equivalents (All Stars and Keds) are mega-expensive for what they are.

The shoes pictured cost $15 from the Warehouse. I compared them to a pair of All Stars which I got on sale a few months ago, and they are nearly identical. Apart from the star device on the ankle, the only difference is that there are no grommets in the side, and the fabric lining is slightly coarser. I bought two pairs while the buying was good. The branded versions are going for about $80 at the moment.

(Does anyone know of a Wellington retailer that stocks No Sweat sneakers? I’d buy them if I could find some, but nobody seems to have them).

(And Happy New Year! May it be better than the last.)



  1. I don’t know where you can get No Sweat sneakers but I know for sure you can’t get them from Trade Aid anymore which is where I got my current ones from. Apparently the “No Sweat” company has become so profitable that Trade Aid don’t see a need to give them their business anymore

  2. It looks like it’s harder than you’d think to make ethical sneakers. This blog has more.

    I had a pair a few years ago and wasn’t so impressed. I found they wore out faster than Chucks and had a really pungent rubbery smell.

    Is it possible to make ethical sneakers that can retail for a price that’s competitive with other cool sneakers?

  3. actually… i have a pair in the cupboard just like this that i bought for the gym, and never wore.

    if you can wear a size 12, you’re welcome to them.

  4. Heh. I’m a size 9, I’m afraid.

  5. the swappa offa is open to all. 🙂

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