Review – Newtown People’s Market

November 24, 2008

Well, Stephen and I got the word the other day rom Mr. Tiso, and seen as I love me some markets I bundled the heavily pregnant partner onto a bus and off to Newtown we set.

Actually that’s a lie. Her dad dropped us off in the car, and we caught the bus home. I mention this because he mentioned how much Newtown has changed over the past few years. Where once there was nothing but unpainted concrete, we now have colour and trees.

This struck a cord because as little as 15 years ago the place was still pretty much a slum. So what’s great about markets like this one is that it helps to foster a sense of community. And community means more civic pride, which means a better neighbourhood, something we should all get behind.

We arrived pretty early, but the place was humming already. There was music being set up outside, and people milling about and around the stalls. Then once we got inside it really started to get busy.

The fare on offer had a fairly wide variety of home-crafted goods, trades, and recycled consumables. The latter of those is something I’m all in favour o, if not only because it reminded me of a jumble-sale! Just with less blue hair…

In the fresh food section there was the Upper Hutt baker guy who also attends the Waitangi Park markets. I had a chat to him on Sunday morning, and it turns out he put in an 18-hour day Saturday. But, there he was up front on Sunday too.

Now that’s some hard work.

There was also a range of fresh seasonal veges. The girls selling these were good sorts, and even set aside my veges while I went out to find change for them… Note to self, do not take a twenty to Newtown.

We ended up buying tomatoes, lettuce, and onions. Yum.

All in all, a good market. Decent people getting out on a decent day.



  1. Did you catch the “solidarity brass band”? I thought they were pretty neat. I thought the organisers did a sterling job at getting all those people there, we arrived at around 4 and it was jam-packed. And the buzz was very positive, I agree, the community feeling is half the thing. If I may nitpick, I thought there was too much garage sale stuff with little more than kitsch value – I think the tables of crafts and quality second hand wares would have been better served by not being mixed with those.

    I loved the clothing area with “prices starting from $0”. Heh.

  2. I did hear the band, and I thought they were pretty neat.

    I bought the best cauliflower I have seen in some time – super fresh, and snow white. I also accepted some lettuce seedlings for free, which made me feel bad, because I can well afford to pay for seedlings, but the person who gave them to pay wouldn’t take any money.

    Nice vibe, but a shame the space was so crowded. I’m sure I missed stuff because of that.

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