Practical product expiry

November 24, 2008

Shortly after Christmas last year, Kathy bought me a small Christmas Pudding on sale at the Supermarket. It lurked in the cupboard because she doesn’t like the stuff. It expired months ago.

Well, I ate it last night. It was still good. Good enough that I ate too much and have severe sugar rush.

So you know what to do. Once Christmas is over, wait for the cheap pud, and stockpile.

What else is worth waiting for after Dec 25th?


One comment

  1. My mum is big fan of buying Christmas decorations in the off-season.

    Last February, picked up a string of fancy red LED Christmas lights – about $30, down from $60. They were discounted as they were Christmas stock, but there was nothing especially Christmassy about their design.

    Though I’ve noticed that all the Christmas lights at the Warehouse sell out really quickly. They’re so cheap anyway, you might as well buy them early on.

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