Household horticulture tip

November 23, 2008

Don’t pay $$$ for a 10 litre plant pot, when you can buy a 10 litre bucket for less than $2 and knock some holes in the bottom.

Current bucket inhabitants: 2 x potatoes, 1 large thyme bush, a cactus, a coffee tree, and some impatiens. Future bucket inhabitants: dwarf peas, lettuce, and stubby carrots.



  1. Excellent repurposing! Are you growing the coffee outside? I have a rather pathetic specimen I’ve been keeping inside (which needs re-homed actually). My tea bushes grew ok outside though

  2. Inside. I don’t think it would stand a chance outside in Welly. They die below 10C and the wind would strip them bare.

    I hear they do ok in the far north, and up Coromandel way. I bought the coffee tree when we lived in Auckland, and it flourished in the conservatory, but it’s not doing so well in our unheated house here 😦

  3. I know someone who is growing them outside in Whakatane but Wellington is a bit rough! I know taking mine with me to Dunedin would definitely be the end of it – inside or out!

    Mind you I have a pomegranate doing ok outside here. Needless to stay, it is also staying behind.

  4. We need photos.

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