November 18, 2008

It is clearly a sign. Yesterday artandmylife mentioned Freecycle, and today, someone on a mailing list I subscribe to suggested it.

I had vaguely heard about Freecycle, but more or less forgot again, assuming it was one of those North American interwob things that would never get traction here. Wrong! There is a Wellington Freecyle group, and it seems to be quite active. I have just joined, because I have a bunch of things cluttering up the place that need good homes. And who doesn’t like freebies?

The Wellington Freecycle(TM) Network is open to all who want to “recycle” that special something rather than throw it away. Whether it’s a chair, a fax machine, piano or an old door, feel free to post it. Or maybe you’re looking to acquire something yourself! Nonprofit groups are also welcome to participate too!

One constraint: everything posted must be free.

Wellington Freecycle Group


  1. I am on the Wellington and Kapiti groups and both are quite active. The only thing I HATE about it is people who say they want something and then change their mind and don’t let you know, or say they’ll take a large item but have no transport etc. I’ve got more fussy with my Offer descriptions eg “will be offered to the person who can pick up first” or “must be picked up by XXX date”

  2. That would explain the second to last panel of this comic.

  3. I love freecycle. I’ve gotten all sorts of wonderful things. Most recently a crockpot.

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