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Making do with what someone else had

November 17, 2008

My own philosophy of frugality is to not make do with what you can buy in the stores. Purchasing things brand new might give some people a buzz, and good on them, but to me it means paying too much money for stuff that has probably already been manufactured and is sitting on a shelf somewhere. This is wasteful, inefficient, and therefore not green.

I’m therefore happy to buy stuff second-hand, and love snooping about in recycled-object stores for useful junk. It means that old objects are given a lease of life, I get a bargain on a product I would otherwise be paying a premium for, and something doesn’t end up costing ratepayers to go into a landfill.

And here’s a great example.

These cups are great for soup. “Regular” soup bowls are difficult to use if you’re sitting on the floor next to the heater in the winter, they’re difficult to eat out of when you’re in bed with a cold, and they’re broader across the top so the meal cools down too quickly.

These cups also good for cereal, if you’re a cereal kinda guy.

Costing us $2 each at St. Vincents De Paul, these little beauties now take pride of place next to the other 4 we bought in Dargaville a year or two back…