A Spice Rack – what all kitchens need

October 14, 2008

What all kitchens need is a spice rack. You can leave your herbs and spices all over a shelf, but it’s a waste of space. A handy spice rack however, perhaps divided into different types of spice and herb, can make everything a lot easier.

So how much do you think this stainless steel beauty set me back?

It’s a good one. Just high enough to fit the small jars most spices from Masterfoods, and can stack other types of jars you might find too (we’re planning on recycling babyfood jars; but more of that later).

Guesses on cost?



  1. I’ll go low — 50 cents from TradeMe.

  2. I use an old biscuit tin. The lid broke but the container is still good, and it holds all my spice jars very nicely. No herbs – they come fresh from the garden, except for the caraway. I just have to label the top of each jar, to prevent frantic searching for the right one.

  3. I’ll go slightly higher – $5?

  4. $3! a bargain from that place on ghuznee st near the salvation army.

  5. The Plastic Box on Marion Square? Yes, they are excellent for cheap shit that is still a bit better than the $2 shop.

    Was that a repurposed desk/stationery thingy? ‘Cause I think there’s a frugal lesson in seeing the potential in things for unintended use.

  6. absolutely. we use a wee miso cup as a sugarbowl.

  7. My family business makes a spice rack called the SpiceStack that holds about 27 bottles in stackable fashion like this…. we sell for $29.95.

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