Foodie haunts – Moore Wilson

October 4, 2008

In my first stint in Wellington, the better part of 10 years ago now, Moore Wilson had a certain mystique. Fresh had just started and was stocking fruit and veg that no one had ever seen before, and Variety had cheap everything, as long as you had a card. When we moved back here last year, I returned with delight and spent quite a lot of our grocery budget there.

Nowadays I find I rarely shop there, except for particular items. The weekend markets provide cheaper fresh produce, and their higher-end kitchenware is often to be had cheaper elsewhere too. I still love the atmosphere and the range, but in the end, it’s just not frugal.

However, there are some things that I still go there for first:

  • whole cuts of meat from Fresh (esp boned out lamb shoulder)
  • more unusual veg like fennel and kale from Fresh
  • bulk flour from Variety (5kg of 11% protein high-grade for $7)
  • cheap wine from Variety
  • trays of free range eggs from Variety (about $8 for 20)
  • 4l tins of olive oil ($36) from Variety
  • utility tableware from Variety

A trap when perusing the shelves in Variety is that all prices are quoted ex GST. Many an apparent good deal at first glance evaporates when you do the maths.



  1. Y’know, I’ve lived in Welly for a long time and I still don’t understand the card/no card thing at Moore Wilsons. Sheer ignorance is one of the reasons why I don’t shop there. What is that all about then?

  2. Morgue, just ask them – they’ll give anyone a card these days. You don’t have to claim to be a catering company any more (as one of our mutual friends did, in order to be able to buy nitrous oxide in bulk).

    Lego. Moore Wilsons is the cheapest place in town to buy Lego. Plus, if you have a card, they track your lego purchases and send you a $5 gift voucher for every $100 worth of lego you buy. The only way to get Lego cheaper is as a loss leader at a big barn like K-Mart or Te Warewhare. I must feed my children’s Lego addiction/my own retro revisionist childhood tendencies; MW is the cheapest place to do so.

    It’s also good for buying food in ridiculous bulk; but how often do you actually need 5kg of salsa at a time? Sacks of rice or flour, though, and for kids parties it’s great to be able to buy chocolate fish or jubes in 1kg bags.

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