School holiday bleg

September 22, 2008

So the hols are upon us. Bored young minds must be kept entertained. Preferably, of course, for free (or at least very little).

On the agenda thus far:

  • Weta Cave
  • Baking
  • South coast walking
  • Te Papa (again!)
  • Reading
  • Exploiting child labour in the garden
  • Ditto in domestic chores
  • Art/craft project

What have you got up your sleeve?



  1. I am planning much the same with visit to Grandads/Grandmas thrown in. Splashing out on a visit to Staglands for the one $$$ outing

    We may also be going on a 2 day road trip, staying with friends etc. We haven’t been away on holiday anywhere for nearly 2 years and I feel its time. Hoping petrol comes down a little in price before

  2. Er, ehm, I’m taking my son to Italy. Does that count as frugal? Every time I go I’m reminded of how much easier it is here to do stuff without bleeding your wallet dry, though, back home even a trip to the local park is an adventure in spending. Our school holidays are full of the beach and Te Papa and playgrounds and Te Papa and friends visiting / visited and Te Papa and the library and Te Papa.

    We like Te Papa.

    Exploiting child labour in the garden is also high on the list.

  3. Te Papa is the happiest place on earth.
    Incidentally the Rita Angus exhibition, which finishes on 5 Oct, is free. And bloody wonderful.

  4. Blimey, the wife!

    Ahem. Just to reiterate the Te Papa vibe: the “Happiest Place on Earth” thing may be slight hyperbole, but it’s certainly where our 4-year old daughter has asked to go every weekend for the last 18 months.

    Other free/cheap stuff for small people in town: the Museum of City & Sea is normally worth a look, Ferg’s Rock & Kayak is great for cheap climbing fun, even cheaper but less safe climbing fun by the Waitangi skate park or back of Freyberg pool. Depending on equipment and experience, there’s always biking the Hutt River Trail, Mt Vic or Makara Peak. Capital E has a few shows on over the holidays, though they may be a bit young for Hannah. Further afield, Pataka’s good.

    Or: Tawa pool has free water Zorbing over the holidays. Participants must be over 5. It’s free for the values of “pay for a swim and you can have a go”. Rock!

  5. # Exploiting child labour in the garden
    # Ditto in domestic chores


    Or you could follow Mr Slack’s fine example in civics education, and take them to watch our political masters in action.

  6. My 5 year old constantly asks to go to “the big museum” too. I have several issues with Te Papa but they are doing something right. Its a bit of an expedition for us to get there though and with petrol prices about to rise again, our holiday plans will be changing to stay-around-home activities

  7. I can add another one, now. There was already a ukulele lying around the house, so I’ve taught Hannah to read ukulele tab. That ought to keep her occupied for a bit, if not quiet…

  8. Point to note about the Weta Cave – it’s closed Sunday/Monday, otherwise open 11-6, 10-4 on Sat.

  9. Riding bikes between places has been mentioned, and there’s tramping through the town belt. They could build things in the back yard. Trips down to Moore Wilson, Mr Slack’s civic education – such as a visit to see the locked out bus drivers, etc. could be interesting.

    Not sure how much Matiu Island ferries cost, but that might worth considering.

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