What do they take us for?

September 21, 2008


That is what they take us for.

… A sachet of cat food is 59c. A box of 6 sachets is $4.03! Not just a little over $3 which you might expect but 49c more than six individual sachets! But wait, it gets worse. A box of 12 sachets is not a little under twice the price of the box of six but actually $8.10! Which is not only worse than buying two boxes of six but even worse still than buying a load of singles. This makes no sense to me. Can anyone please explain to me the logic here?

This has been another installment of Simple Answers To Simple Questions.

(also, foolishness is an inexhaustible commodity).



  1. You’re dead right.

    I used to think it was just here in NZ and it didn’t happen in the UK to my knowledge. Apparently, it happens in the States too.

    It turns out that the supermarkets realise that people just grab the biggest box of the thing they need on the assumption it’s cheaper. Ah well, not my fault if people don’t check the price they’re paying but I do.

  2. heh. how often do you pop in to the supermarket and leave with only one item?

    small packs being more value = more trips to shops.

  3. what happened to the supermarkets that used to put the price per 100gm or unit (or whatever) on the shelf price label? I recall Woolworths used to do it. Now I mentally calculate these things as I shop. I was only caught out by the catfood scenario once. I do wonder if its cheaper to make your own?

  4. offal is pretty cheap, and contains *a lot* less sawdust and fat.

  5. It almost always holds true, doesn’t it? Two litre milk cartons cost more than one litre, 100 teabags more than 50 teabags, etc. Often we buy the most expensive option anyway because we can’t bear the thought of all the extra packaging. It’s one of those things that should be legislated against, seriously.

  6. Offal is cheap and my cat does have a thing for chicken hearts. Why on earth do I buy cat food?

    Woolworths recently had 500gm Anchor cheese for $3.79! Yet people were still buying the 1kg for well over $12

  7. funny innit. people often buy from habit, not conscious of price variation.

    and you buy cat food because you’ve contracted someone to cut up sheep hearts for you. 🙂

  8. I’ve obviously become city-fied. When I lived in the country we did our own butchering and I was a dab-hand at scraping pigs. I don’t recall buying catfood then

  9. Che said:

    offal is pretty cheap, and contains *a lot* less sawdust and fat.

    Dan adds:

    and nicotine (or is that just an urban legend?). I do know that whenever I am forced through disorganisation to buy a tin of jellimeat from the servo my cat is bouncing off the walls for days.

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