Visit the Knack Market!

September 17, 2008

This came in from Giovanni, and I thought I’d promote it up to a post. I’m working on Saturday so I’ll miss it, but any reports are welcome:

…a couple of people talked about bartering, and I mentioned a Newtown exchange market in the process of being set up.

I can now confirm that the organisers will take part in the Knack Market this Saturday, 9.30 to 1.30 at Berhampore School, 105 Britomart Street, Berhampore, Wellers.

They’re going to have posters where people can write down what they’d be willing to exchange (things, time, knowledge) and share ideas – it’s a pretty cool setup. I realise I’m also shamelessly pimping the craft market itself, but it’s a school fundraiser and it supports local crafters so I don’t feel so bad.

Shamelessly pimp away man. The more local people not buying stuff from off-shore people being paid $2.50 an hour, the better.



  1. Great news. I’ve just joined an online clothing swap group on Flickr. Think its just girls but ya know…

  2. Cheers, Che or Stephen, that’s very kind. To complete the pimping, we have eftpos and food/drinks, and while most of the items are of a non-essential nature (apart from the clothes, I guess) there will be foody bargains on cured meats and home-made chutneys.

  3. sonofa…. cured meats AND home-made chutneys!!



  4. and cheers art, i’ll let 2nd Chef know.


    You could always send 2nd Chef. If she’s anything like my partner, she’s going to want to stash away a kilo or two of prosciutto for when the baby is born.

    (BTW, we should really put together a frugal parenting guide for you guys)

  6. ARGH! The exchange market people have pulled out of Knack tomorrow, they just couldn’t get enough people in time for it – I feel like the pimping was even less justified. Apologies, everyone. I will let you know when their market proper starts, it will be at St Anne’s in Newtown.

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