Quick!! A cheese bargain

September 14, 2008

You’ll want to hurry down to Wellington Central New World ASAP to purchase 900g of cheese. They’re only $8.99 and on special.

You won’t find a bargain like thatr for awhile.

Likewise, Palmolive liquid soap is $4 off.

These are good things.

Even better, you can buy New Zealand oranges at the Waitangi Park Markets for as little as $1.60 per kilo, and tomatoes for $4. They have green apples for less than $2 a kilo.

It’s also a beautiful day outside, so get on down there before it closes (you have half hour…)



  1. What “brand” of cheese? My partner swears that supermarket brand cheese does not taste as good as Anchor or other branded ones. This week I bought 1kg of Edam Signature Range at Woolworths for $10 which tastes fine to me but he won’t touch it.

    Plenty of veggie bargins at yesterday’s Paraparaumu Beach markets (if you are out Kapiti way)

  2. I was just down at the veggie market myself. The best bargains I found were avocados at $1 each, a load of garlic for $2 and bananas at $1/kg. That’s 5 big bananas for just 90c.

    And you’re right, it’s a beautiful day here in Welly 🙂

  3. ahhh? [runs and checks] cheese was anchor

  4. Rats – specials ended today and they had Surf Laundry powder really cheap too $3.99 for 2kg. We don’t get junk mail so I miss out on their specials circulars (and coupon books). Have just found them online though. Now putting memo in my diary to check each Monday. New World is a little out of the way for me but worth it when they have several items I’d want like this week

  5. artandmylife: link, please! I don’t get circulars either.

  6. New World – slect your store and there is a .pdf of the lastest specials

    Can’t seem to find one for Woolworths or Countdown or Pak’n’Save

  7. Woolworths regularly has Home Brand cheese for $9.99 for 1kg. I can’t really tell the difference between their Edam and others, but maybe I don’t have a cheese palate.

  8. …and another comment – I get the Woolworths, Countdown and New World flyers in the letterbox weekly, so happy to let people know particularly good specials if you need (though not all of them, those catalogues are long….)

    (Cue environmentalist guilt) I was going to put a no junk mail on the letterbox when we moved in, but the bits that are useful are really quite useful, even in as much as the local community newspapers giving you info about local events (you can pick up good bargains at school and church fairs…)

    And another request – we are shortly about to establish a 1.5*1.5sqm vege patch (small, but a start) – got any recommendations on good veges to grow?

  9. janet, 1.5 x 1.5 says herb garden to me!

  10. For that sized garden I’d go for leafy greens and a mix of culinary herbs.
    I got a book from the library recently about intensive veggie gardening which was specifically about small plots. I think it was an NZ book

  11. Google up “square foot gardening” – that’ll get you going.

    Personally, I’m still feeling my way here in Wellington. I learned my gardening in the Waikato and Auckland, where conditions are far easier. Also our section is just crap for vege gardening, even by Welly standards, so I’m limited to containers. It’s not really a frugal exercise. Nonetheless, I’ve got some dwarf peas going, will sow some climbing beans this weekend, and have plans for salad greens, tomatoes, and gherkins. I always have herbs too. (Fresh herbs are, I reckon, the secret weapon of the frugal cook, since they make so many bland and mundane foods much more interesting).

    Building on artandmylife’s suggestion, silverbeet and non-hearting lettuces can be picked continuously.

    But yes, a gardening post! Coming up soon.

  12. There is nothing better than going to the garden and picking a fresh salad!

    Another tip is choosing the right seeds/plants for your plot. This year I grew little short carrots as the soil depth isn’t too flash in that section of the garden. They were sweet, tasty and quite spicey. None got cooked as they were just perfect kid size for snacks. Similarly certain cherry tomato varieties do great in a pot.

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